My Biscuit Dessert Shop

High-end, playful, vintage, and girly, these are the words that describe My Biscuit, a French dessert shop.

In an old French area that breathes art and history, My Biscuit is like a breath of fresh air that brings the sweet scents of desserts, grabbing on to your heart, irresistible.

My Biscuit makes customers who visit feel like children again with its mischievous design, bringing a new taste to an old town.

The design incorporates contrasting elements to bring out the uniqueness that is My Biscuit.

高端、调皮、复古、少女心、My Biscuit一家法式甜品店。

当您沉浸在法式老城区大家小巷的艺术与古典七夕当中,鉴证着这座城市几个世纪的兴衰与文化时,一家焕发着青春与香气的Dessert Shop绝对可以抓住你的心,让你难以拒绝。

老城的气质是古典陈旧的,My Biscuit Dessert Shop希望带给光顾这里的人一种少女的调皮与蠢蠢欲动,让你的味蕾再次焕发青春,品尝到这座老城中新的味道。

在设计中,高端、复古、调皮的元素不断碰撞,让My Biscuit Dessert Shop在多元中体现出自己一种独特的气质。